ForPsych: A Forensic Psychology Practice

ForPsych is a forensic psychology practice composed of experienced, highly trained psychologists engaged in practice, consultation, training and research in psychological issues related to law and society throughout Ohio and Indiana.

With more than fifty years combined experience in administrative, civil, and criminal settings, ForPsych offers services on a variety of forensic topics. We have particular expertise in the areas of Workers’ Compensation, personal injury, competency-related issues, criminal responsibility, and disability evaluations.

Our diverse and experienced staff allows us to focus on issues critical to your practice. By remaining current with research relevant both to legal standards and psychological issues, we provide services in a knowledgeable, timely and efficient manner and in a safe and empathic environment.

  • Psychological Evaluations
  • Treatment
  • Case Consultation
Paul A. Deardorff, Ph.D., ABPP, MBA
Dr. Deardorff brings more than thirty years clinical experience to his practice of forensic psychology. As founder and director of the area's once largest provider of outpatient mental health services, his experience as a clinician certainly adds credibility to his expert opinion and quick insight to your situation. In addition to establishing ForPsych in 2004, he served as the director of the local juvenile court psychology clinic for more than twenty years.
Nicole A. Leisgang, Psy.D.
Dr. Leisgang has been involved with ForPsych since its inception and has been instrumental in its growth since earning her license in 2005. She also is licensed as a Health Service Provider in Psychology in Indiana. Dr. Leisgang's training and experience make her particularly skilled in psychological assessment and case consultation.